Lanai + Brandon - Cuddle Session

Lanai and Brandon is that couple that I absolutely love to photograph. They have beautiful chemistry and they're laid back folk. I've been dying to photograph a married couple inside their home for a while. I wanted to capture what married life is like 1 year after getting hitched. Still in the honeymoon phase, but marriage quickly brings least for me. It's honestly a very beautiful thing to feel this amount of trust with someone; they become your very best friend in the world. Anyway, I wanted to make sure these images were intimate, not sexual. As some of you might know, I love Jesus...I'm not super conservative or anything, but I wanted to illustrate that marriage is an amazing gift. We can be naked and unashamed, we can be flawed and not judged, weak and be supported. We can be total goofballs and laugh at everything. I believe God designed it that way :)