The Diaz Tribe - Miami Family Session

This is why I love home sessions so much. 

You get to make little memories right inside the place you live. You get to be comfortable. You can hang out on your bed or your couch. You can read to your kids or tickle them if you feel inclined. You can have home made coffee. No one else is around!...well, except me. 

Anyway, I'm done pitching my home session idea.

So this is the Diaz family. I met Erika months ago when she inquired about a family session. I had been following her Instagram for a couple of months, and I was completely flattered because I loved her work. So I told her "let's trade - a session for a session." I believe we were in the middle of summer, so we decided to wait until fall. Then fall came...and we were fortunately too busy with work. Winter came, and the weather failed us a few times. January finally gave us beautiful weather and this beautiful family got their picture taken!