Zelalem + Xiaoyun - South Beach Engagement Session

I love it when couples get creative and fun with their engagement session. Zelalem and Xiao wanted to capture their new life in South Beach, so we started off at Zelalem's apartment. When I walked in and saw Xiao playing the keyboard, I immediately wanted to incorporate music to relax them. Yes, couples are ALWAYS nervous in the beginning of sessions...its completely normal. So I had them dance in their kitchen and practice a little "Heart and Soul" on the keyboard together. Once I felt their nerves calm, we went out onto the front patio to get some more intimate portraits. After that, we drove just blocks down to the beach, they jumped in the water, and ended the day watching the sunset from the bay. I love how laid back it all felt. These are my favorite kinds of engagement sessions...just a couple who laughs together, has really cute and intimate moments, and is pretty much open to anything the day has in store.