Hello there!

I have three passions in life: God, my family, and photography.

The days I'm not making pictures, I'm usually somewhere outdoors with my little tribe, enjoying my home town in sunny South Florida.

I want to capture who you are on your best day, whatever that may look like. I'm chasing after light and authenticity. I work off real moments, the in-betweens, and of course anything that makes my heart flutter. I believe that in 50 years, your favorite photo will probably be the one that best represents your love. It could be as simple as a loving gaze or a long hug. It will be about the real you, not the posed version of you.

That's my personal goal.


Now for some random facts!

I'm a: wife, mom of 2 beautiful babes, foodie, Parks and Recreation fan, lover of the outdoors, dreamer, big softie (I will shed atleast one tear at your wedding), chocolate addict, minimalist, amazing singer only in the shower, bit of an introvert, terrible hairdresser, and a total goofball on the dance floor (you might witness this awful sight at your wedding for a brief moment).

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